Meet Roxy

Roxys Remedies

Hello Friends and welcome to my website!
It all begins back in 2008. Bored out of my mind, I ate a sweatshirt that my family left carelessly laying around. How was I supposed to know zippers were toxic and would have to be surgically removed from my stomach? Afterwards, I was allergic to everything! My hair fell out in patches and my skin was always irritated and itchy. I was constantly dragged to the Vet for rounds of medication – hated it!

Then I heard from a cousin Down Under about a unique and special tree, the Sandalwood tree and its amazing oil that stops all my itching, irritation and redness. Makes me smell great too! Lucky for me, my family makes shampoos and creams for a living and knew just what to do. They helped me formulate and test a line that’s so effective, I want to share it with all my friends. Now I can help dogs with sensitive skin everywhere, plus we’re helping homeless dogs with our friends, Pets of the Homeless.