Frequently Asked Questions

Roxys Remedies

Q: Who is Roxy?

A:  Roxy is an Australian Cattle Dog from Ventura, California that suffered from itchy irritated skin before formulating Roxy’s Remedies. Roxy and her family were so pleased with the relief she found that she wanted to share these products with dogs everywhere. When she isn’t trying out new products for her brand, Roxy is busy developing ways to helping homeless dogs.

Q: What makes Roxy’s Remedies so different from other natural grooming products?

A: Only Roxy’s Remedies contains East Indian Sandalwood Oil that is sustainably grown, and purified to be free of allergens. Combined with the highest grade of Aloe Vera, and the key antioxidant that makes oats effective, avenanthramides, Roxy’s Remedies provides a powerful combination of ingredients that encourage healthy skin and coats.

Q: What breeds are Roxy’s Remedies designed for?

A: Dogs of all breeds can have sensitive skin. Roxy’s Remedies are formulated to provide relief to itchy skin in both long and short haired dog breeds. Plus Roxy’s Remedies can maintain healthy skin in dogs without skin issues. The Soy derived deodorizer in our Calming Leave in Conditioner is perfect for freshening all dogs between baths.

Q: How quickly will I see results with Roxy’s?

A: Using Roxy’s Remedies products as a system- Shampoo, Conditioner, Pure Relief Spray Gel- can provide relief to irritated skin from the first application. For best results bathe weekly using Roxy’s Remedies Shampoo and Conditioner. Between baths the application of Roxy’s Pure Relief Gel can provide additional soothing to hot spots and itchy areas.

Q: Can Roxy’s Remedies be used with flea & tick treatments?

A: Most topical flea and tick treatments recommend waiting 24-36 hours after the product is applied before bathing with any shampoo. Check the label of your flea treatment for re-application requirements specific to your preferred brand, or discuss flea and tick control options with your vet if weekly bathing is required.

Q: When should I see the vet?

A: Skin conditions are the second most common reason for pets to visit the veterinarian. Although most skin problems are not emergencies, it is important to get an accurate diagnosis from your vet so the condition can be fully treated. Scabbing, bleeding, oozing, rashes or focal hair loss of any duration are not normal.

Any itching (scratching, licking, chewing, rubbing, scooting or shaking the head) redness or discoloration, skin thickening, bumps, hair loss or unpleasant smell that lasts for more than a few days, recurs frequently, or cause your dog to break the skin, should be seen by a vet right away. Roxy’s Remedies are a part of the full therapeutic toolbox your vet may recommend.

Q: The label says “fragrance free” but it does have a scent – why?

A: While Roxy’s Remedies have no added artificial fragrances or colors, a warm natural scent comes from the East Indian Sandalwood Oil itself. This oil is so pure it is used to make pharmaceutical products for humans, and is free of irritants often found in artificial fragrances.

Q: How does Roxy’s Remedies help dogs of the homeless?

A: Roxy wants ALL dogs to be loved and healthy. That’s why Roxy’s Remedies promises support to Pets of the Homeless, a nonprofit organization that provides pet food and emergency veterinary care to the homeless in local communities across the United States and Canada.

Roxy will provide her Cleanse & Calm Wipes at key distribution centers for Pets of the Homeless, work with local vets to sponsor treatment for individual pets, and offer online flash sales where Pets of the Homeless receives a significant portion of the sales price.

Roxy also likes to help local shelters by donating free products, and publicizing dogs looking for homes. As Roxy’s Remedies grows, so will our support with these organizations. For links to Pets of the Homeless, and to help Roxy help other dogs, click here!

Q: Where Can I find more information about your products?

A: Right here on our site is the best place! Each product page contains in-depth information on how to use the product and what it contains. If you have any questions or suggestions, we’re here for you –please email us at Your feedback helps us to create a better site for you.